Admissions Procedure

 The number of applications we receive per year exceeds the number of available spaces. We accept a fixed number of pupils per year and this is done in accordance with the school’s admission policy.

Please read this information carefully to ensure that your child’s application is processed promptly and efficiently:

 Please download an application form HERE

Please complete the form in clear, legible handwriting, ensuring you have signed and dated it in the correct place. You must sign both the Admissions form and the registration form.

Post/ mail the completed form to the school address.

Once your application has been received, an acknowledgement card will be posted to you detailing a reference number that should be quoted in all correspondence with us regarding your application.

Our main intake is for one reception class in September of each year. You must submit your application (for a child of the correct age for admission) between April and December of the year preceding admission to a new reception class, for your application to be considered for it. You will then hear whether or not your application has been successful in the February of the year your child is due to begin school insha’Allah.

If you have applied for a Reception place after our intake for September has been admitted, or for a place in another class, then your application will be placed on our waiting list for the appropriate class and will be considered should a place arise.


How long is the waiting list?

There is a waiting list for each class. The waiting lists vary between one to two years.

What are the admissions criteria?

These are based on our selection criteria. These currently are:

Level of commitment to our school’s values

A level of commitment towards adherence to Islamic values.




We except applications nationally and there is no current restriction.


Board of Trustees.

           1st September 2015