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 Uniform list

We believe that a school uniform is important in building the pupils’ sense of identity and belonging to the community of the school. It instils a sense of pride in the school and supports positive behaviour. It is one of the symbols of the ethos of the school and protects children from social pressures whatever their race, religion, gender or background. There are other advantages to having a school uniform which are important to the governing body such as security. A uniform enables pupils to be identified easily and means that any intruders can be identified swiftly.

Accessibility to school uniform

We recognise the need to ensure that the uniform is affordable and will work well with the school ethos. At the same time we wish to ensure that we have a good supplier in place and the uniform is well publicised.

In the past year we have worked closely with all our parents and heard from many of you who have raised concerns regarding the availability of our uniform and its impact on your child’s confidence. It is with this reason that we have now decided to change our supplier.

I am pleased to announce that we have now completed arrangements to have our uniform exclusively supplied by Zenith School Wear who have assured us excellent quality of service. This will mean that from Monday 17th November 2014 all our parents can purchase uniform form Zenith School wear, Bunkoos will no longer supply our school uniform. New arrangements are in place for the order and collection of the Zenith School Wear items. The prices of the uniform will be available at the store, please see a member of staff in store for further details.

Logo uniform items available exclusively from Zenith School Wear:

Knitwear Cardigans – girls

Knitwear Jumper - Boys

PE sweatshirt – Boys/Girl

Large rucksacks – Boys/ Girls

Small rucksack – Girls/Boys

Document bag – Girls/Boys

From 17th November 2014, the above items can be purchased from Zenith School Wear.

The contact details for Zenith School Wear are as follows:

Address: 57 Waller Avenue, Luton, LU4 9RP

Telephone: 01582 560123

Website: http://www.zenithschoolwear.com (please check their website regularly for any updates)

Please note: School is no longer responsible for any uniforms, if you have any concerns please contact Zenith School Wear.

If you need any further assistance, please contact the school office.

(updated 20th Nov 2014)