19th May 2017 – 23 Shaban 1438 AH

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As-salamu ‘alaikumwarahmatulahi wa barakatu,

Ref: Quran Hifz competition years 2 – 6

We are extremely pleased to announce the Oakwood fifth annual QURAN HIFZ competition. As is customary from the previous years we will be holding this competition for children attending Oakwood Primary School from Years 2 to 6.

The competition will have three groups with three stages.

  • Group 1 – memorisation of surahs from al-Ghashiyah to an-Naas
  • Group 2 – memorisation of Juzz Amma
  • Group 3 – memorisation of Juzz Amma and Juzz Tabarak (surahs al-Mursalat, al-Insaan, al-Qiyamah, al-Muddaththir, al-Muzzammil, al-Jinn and Nuh only)

Competition will be conducted in three stages.

  • Stage 1 (preliminary) is open to all students who wish to take part. This will take place in classrooms during Qur’an and Arabic lessons from 31st May to 9th June 2017.
  • Stage 2 (semi-finals) will take place in the afternoons during school hours from 26th June to 30thJune 2017, between 1.00-3.00pm.
  • Stage 3 (final) will take place on 14th July 2017 at 9.00-10.00 in the school prayer hall.

Same as previous years, each contestant will be given an ayah to start reciting from and thereafter they will be asked to read a number of ayats from that surah. Children will be given points according to the quality and accuracy of their recitation. The child who raises the most points in the final stage of the competition will be the winner. We hope to allocate fantastic prizes for the winners InshAllah.

Please note: Help and encourage your children to practice the memorization of surahs at home to prepare them for this competition.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to email us or contact the school office.

Wassalamu alaykum


Ustaadh Mevludin, Ustadh Mohammed &

Ustaadha Taghreed.