REMINDER: Changes to Swimming lessons during Ramadan


The last session for Swimming will be on Tuesday 24th May and will resume as normal on Tuesday 12th July this will be the last swimming session for this year.

As-salamu ‘alaikumwarahmatulahi wa barakatu,Swimming flyer

We are pleased to announce that we  introduced Swimming lessons for Year 2 – Yrs 6 children. We believe that it is essential for children of all ages to learn and master the art of swimming. Learning to swim is a fantastic experience and it’s not as daunting as people may think. Qualified trained swimming coaches will be delivering this program ensuring your child’s safety and progression on to the next level. This program is also designed to encourage healthy and active lifestyle for our children, mastering the skills  in one level before advancing to the next. Each level of our swim class will include training in stroke development. Alhamdulillah we’ve signed a contract with Denbigh High School to use their pool. The swimming sessions will run every Tuesday for half an hour between 1.30pm to 2.30pm allowing 30 minutes for the girls and 30 minutes for the boys. The swimming sessions will be separate for girls and boys. Children will be dropped at the venue and collected from there by using the mini-bus service and  swimming will commence on 17th September 2013. The program is designed for children from Year 2 all the way up to year 6. Student’s will progress through the levels at their own pace, mastering the skills in one level before advancing to the next. Each level of our Learn-to-Swim class includes training in basic water safety and helping others in an emergency, in addition to stroke development. The breakdown of the Swimming fee is as follows:

  • £85 per child per term
  • No siblings discount
  • No holiday charge
  • Non-refundable fee

Payments will only be accepted on termly basis, however payments may vary due to holidays and you’ll be informed accordingly prior to the new term beginning. Please be aware that if payments have not been received by this date, your child/rens place may be allocated to another child on our waiting list and your child will lose their swimming place. If you are interested in using this service, please complete the slip below. Please be advised that we only have 16 places available for boys and 16 for girls hence it is first come first serve basis. The School swimming agreement form (which will follow  shortly) should be read carefully through which must be signed and returned to the school office.

Swimming requirement:

  • Bathing Suit
  • Goggles
  • Swimming Hat or Hair pulled back into a pony tail
  • Towel

Please look at some of the links/images for ideas of swimwear.

 Introduction of Physical Education (P.E.)

We are also pleased to introduce a new venue and professional training instructors for our Physical Education (P.E.) lessons for all children. Our children will now go to Stockwood Park Athletics Centre every Thursday in the afternoon. The lessons will last approx one hour. Children will be transported using our mini bus. In Physical Education and fitness your child will learn about Exercise,Team Sports and much more. Children must wear their correct uniform as designated in the syllabus. It is very important that your child attends these sessions every Thursday.  Our goal is to help children find various ways to enjoy being physically active. The program has been designed to focus on three major areas that contribute to one’s physical health and well being.  These are:

Movement concepts:

In the early classes, for example, the program emphasises the variety of ways we travel (e.g. running, skipping, hopping), changes of directions and speeds, and different ways to balance, jump and land.

Skill themes:

Basic motor skills such as throwing, kicking, volleying, and striking with a racket are taught. In the upper classes the children are taught how to use these fundamental skills in games and sports and various forms of rhythmical movement. Wellness concepts are taught throughout the program to improve cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Each lesson is also adjusted to take into account the wide range of skill and fitness levels that characterizes children in primary school. If you have any further questions or may require any further assistance, please do not  hesitate to contact the School Office.