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Weekend Qur’an club classes

QURAN CLUB FLYER- 19-03-2016



Registering for a place at Oakwood Primary School.

All Primary school children will be given priority to join the Qur’an classes. Initial assessments of children’s levels will be  carried out in class by the children’s teachers. A completed Admissions Form should be sent to the Admissions Secretary at the address below or handed to the teacher, along with the Fee of £20 (this fee is non refundable). The admissions  form is a legally binding contract between parents and the school and must be signed by both parents unless one parent has  sole custody.

Offer and Acceptance of a place.

Upon completion of the admission form offers will be made subject to availability and on the candidate satisfying the school’s entrance criteria. An offer letter will subsequently be sent along with an acceptance form. Parents should complete the Acceptance Form if they wish to take up the offer.


General Terms & Conditions of Admission


Islamic Ethos

Oakwood Primary School is an independent Muslim school founded upon the Islamic ethos. Teachers, Pupils and parents are expected to demonstrate the appreciation and commitment to the Islamic faith.

Payment of fees

The monthly fees are £20 per child. There is no concession for siblings. Should there be a position available in school in the middle of a term and parents wish to apply, you will be required to pay the whole months fee.

Persons responsible for Payment of Fees and Extras

Parents and/ or any other person who undertakes payments of fees will be jointly and severally liable to pay fees not  withstanding any charges in family circumstances for the entire period the pupil is on the school register. Fees can be paid on a monthly or a termly basis.

Non-payment of Fees and/ or Extras

The school may suspend a pupil from attending, or require the parents to withdraw the pupil permanently, if fees are not paid promptly by the due date. Fees due are payable in full in such circumstances.


Deferment of Fees

Fees must be paid in full and on time. If there are genuine reasons for deferment, any request must be made in writing with supporting evidence and given to the Head teacher. The head teachers decision will be final.

Withdrawal/ Change of status

A full months notice of intention to withdraw a child from the Quran club must be given in writing to the Head Teacher, otherwise you will be liable to pay the next months fees. All Fee Payments are non- refundable.

Absence during term time

Accept in the case of illness, no pupil may be absent from the club without prior permission in writing from the Head Teacher. Parents who remove their children from the club during term time will still be liable to pay the club fees while their child is on the school roll.

Exclusion and suspensions

The Head Teacher has the right, if considered appropriate in the interests either of the pupil or of the school, to exclude a  pupil permanently or for a limited period. In the case of temporary exclusions the Head Teacher’s decision is final. In case of  permanent exclusions parents may choose to appeal.

 Children pick up and drop off

Please discuss with the teachers regarding pick up and drop off timings for your child. Since there are various levels of Quran  classes the times vary. For further information please refer to our website.

Children attending the Quran classes should arrive through the school office door on Tennyson Road, they will then be  escorted to their classrooms by the teachers. 

All parents are requested to collect their children at the appropriate times mentioned on our literature from the Main Gate on West Hill Road. Parents are reminded please NOT to ring the school door bell since there will be no attendance at the  doors.

For additional information please contact us in person

Admission Secretaries, 117 Tennyson Road, Luton, Beds, LU1 3RR

by phone:

Tel: 01582 -51 88 00

click to download application

or by e-mail     admin@oakwoodprimary.co.uk