Promoting moral and academic excellence

About Us

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

All praise is due to Allah ﷻ who has blessed us with the power of emaan and knowledge. Salutations to our beloved Prophet ﷺ. I am delighted to welcome you to Oakwood Primary School, a primary school with an Islamic ethos embedded within our curriculum which is aligned with the UK National Curriculum. We aim to ensure that all children are offered a broad and balanced curriculum to not only enhance their knowledge, skills and understanding but to also meet their spiritual, moral, emotional, physical and social needs.

Our qualified and experienced teachers of both Islamic and National Curriculum subjects are committed to working with children to help and support them achieve their full potential. Oakwood Primary School works closely with all children and their families in order to develop their  Akhlaq, Adhab and Tarbiyyah and to maintain high standards in everything they do within an Islamic setting that also offers a broad and balanced National Curriculum.

Our curriculum is modern, well devised and tailored to meet the needs of British Muslim children today. We review our curriculum on a regular basis to ensure that it remains up to date and meets the current curriculum expectations, as well as the needs of our children.

Our ethos is that all students should ‘fly high’ not only as a good Muslim, but also as a proud British Citizen.

Our Mission Statement 

Oakwood Primary School promotes academic excellence within a strong Islamic environment. We aim to provide high morals and values enabling the children to reach their fullest potential. 

Our Aims  

● To provide a safe, purposeful and supportive environment 

 ● To foster a sense of self-esteem and respect for others  

● To enable each child to develop their full academic and social potential  

● To value cultural diversity and the richness of the school community  

● To provide experiences that are stimulating, challenging and enjoyable  

● To develop self-discipline and a sense of social responsibility  

● To encourage a sense of wonder, spiritual awareness, and responsibility for the world around them.  

Oakwood’s History

Oakwood Primary School is an independent Muslim primary school and nursery that opened in 2008. Since opening our doors, we have welcomed thousands of students and are currently at capacity with 150 boys and girls aged from 3-11 years.
We are located on the outskirts of Luton near the M1 junction enabling easy access from North London and surrounding towns.

Our Vision

Oakwood primary provides a learner-centred atmosphere that nurtures a strong sense of community among our students in our mission to “Promote moral and academic excellence”.

Teaching & Learning

We teach the National Curriculum, Islamic studies, Quran and Arabic and our Islamic ethos permeates throughout the curriculum.

Our Aims

To provide a safe, purposeful and supportive learning environment, fostering a sense of self-esteem and respect for others, and helping every achieve their full potential.