Early Years Manager

Senior leadership

If you’re an educational professional who is looking to progress into management, this is the ideal position for you.

Overall Responsibilities

  • To deliver and ensure a high standard of learning, development and care for
    children aged 0-5 years
  • To manage the day to day activities of the setting
  • To ensure that the preschool nursery is a safe environment for children, staff
    and others
  • To developing partnerships with parents/carers to increase involvement in their
    child’s development
  • To manage other staff within the preschool nursery
  • To be responsible for any tasks delegated by the Headteacher

Main Responsibilities

  • Overall day to day management responsibility for the preschool nursery
  • To be responsible for the efficient running of the preschool nursery and overall delivery of a
    high quality service
  • To ensure that the preschool nursery provides a safe, caring, stimulating educational
    environment, both indoors and outdoors, at all times
  • To ensure that the preschool nursery plans an appropriate play based Early Years
    Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum that enables children to make individual progress
  • To ensure the preschool nursery meets Ofsted requirements at all times
  • To manage, supervise and support the preschool nursery staff
  • To undertake and assign designated officer roles
  • To work with other professionals in the local area for the benefit of children and families
  • To ensure all staff understand and work to preschool nursery policies and procedures,
    including how to deal with child protection issues appropriately and how to respond to
    incidents, accidents, complaints and emergencies
  • Take responsibility for planning, which ensures each child is working towards the early
    learning goals
  • To organise and participate in the key person system
  • To conduct staff appraisals and supervisions as appropriate and to identify staff training
  • To ensure all records are properly maintained in accordance with the policies and
    procedures of the school
  • To liaise closely with parents/carers, informing them about the nursery and its curriculum,
    exchanging information about children’s progress and encouraging parents’ involvement
  • To work in partnership with senior management to update and review the self-evaluation
    and improvement plan
  • To undertake any other reasonable duties as directed, in accordance with the preschool
    aims and objectives