Year One


In Literacy, Year 1 have been using their sensational senses to explore poetry. The children enjoyed learning how to present poems to an audience and become poetry stars. As a class they read and recited a variety of poems, practised reading them in different ways (adding actions, expressions and sound effects) to bring the poems to life. They practised how to learn poems off by heart and the importance of punctuation to help them read for meaning. Year 1 were given the opportunity to apply their skills as they prepared a class recital and recited a poem called ‘Unique’ during the antibulling week assembly.


In Art, we have been learning about primary colours and secondary colours. The children got to mix primary colours to make their secondary colour and paint a colour field using their secondary colours. Year 1 were particularly fascinated to learn about the abstract artist Paul Klee and enjoyed creating their own watercolours.

Frogmore Paper Mill

The children really enjoyed their insightful trip to the Paper Mill. The children found out that paper can be made from different animal faeces or recycled paper and water. The children made their own handmade papers using a deckle and a vat.


Year Two

Story time!

Every Friday, Year 2 have a special story time with Ustaada Umera. We get to listen to some of our favourite stories and read our favourite books. We love it because its fun and interesting.


For science we were looking at Animal Habitats. This was one of our favourite topics because we were able to research so many different types of animals and their homes. We got to create an amazing display board about Habitats. We worked hard during Art and science!


Frogmore Paper Mill

Frogmore Paper Mill

Year 2 had a fantastic time at the Paper Mill. We learnt how paper can be made so easily at home! Children had a great time with the paper weaving activity and during the tour where they found out how paper used to be made and the first paper machines that were invented.


Year Three



Year 3 have been learning about the layers that make up the Earth.

They made a model of Earth using clay modelling to show the layers of it.

Year 3 have been learning about Extreme Earth. They have been learning about destructive powers of nature. They modelled how a volcano may erupt!



In Year 3, we have been learning about the Romans. The children really enjoyed looking at the huge mosaic displays. They experienced dressing up as Romans and learnt about everyday life.


Year Four

The Romans

In History, we have been learning about the Romans. Children have been fascinated about how the Romans created mosaics and designed some of their very own whacky mosaics! Sadly, we couldn’t use thousands of pieces of tesserae!


In Geography, the children have learnt about the water cycle and how evaporated water condenses into clouds which causes rain! The children created their own models of the water cycle to represent their learning. I think they did a fab job mashAllah ! Well done Year 4!

Living things and their habitats

In Science, children have been exploring where animals live and how to classify them into groups. They also know the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. We had a great time at the local park searching.


Year Five

Earth & Space: Sun Dial

I’m still finding it hard to believe that people believed that the Earth was flat. We see many images on the media of a spherical Earth. So we are lucky that this was explored for us. A sun dial shows us that the Earth travels around the sun.

Forces: Perfect Parachutes

I love science experiments. Sometimes they work out well and other times they fail, but from the failures we learn. We get to understand why things work and why things go wrong. Fortunately, my parachute was perfect. I made it out of various materials and tested them successfully with a clear outcome: the lighter the material, the greater the air resistance.

Space Centre

An amazing and very educational trip. Following on from our work on ‘Earth and Space’ we visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. It’s incredible how far man has come with space exploration. We were able to visit replicas of each planet and watched a movie, on a screen above my head, on being an astronaut. I also featured on a weather report.


Year Six

Islamic Studies

In Islamic Studies this term, Year 6 put on their ‘teacher hat’ and spent time working with the lovely Year 2 class. Their aim as teachers was to teach Year 2 children about wudu, including a practical demonstration on the steps of wudu. Year 6 rose to the challenge and did a fantastic job. Year 2 were a pleasure to teach and enjoyed the new learning experience.


In History this term, Year 6 studied early Islamic Civilisations. They learnt in detail about the significance and importance of Baghdad, in helping to build and shape this early civilisation. These are some great masjid models the children made that they were inspired by.

New Beginnings Assembly

The theme for our Year 6 assembly this term was ‘New Beginnings.’ The children looked at what resolutions they could make for the year ahead. Could they read more? Could they use their time wisely and finish their work? Could they resolve to show kindness to everyone and spread happiness? We hope that all the children and staff watching learnt a valuable lesson about making a fresh start in school.


Headteacher's Golden Award

We would like to commend at the end of each term our wonderful pupils, who between them have accomplished countless achievements. The ‘Head teachers Golden Award’ recognises those extra special successes for individual pupils who have worked exceptionally hard to perhaps; conquer a difficult challenge, learn new skills, persist in their goals, show compassion and care, or a learner that has created exceptional work.

Year 1Aishah Khaled

Outstanding Qur’an recitation

Year 2Daniyal Khan

Exceptional growth in confidence and progress in all areas

Year 3 Yusuf Sayes

Exceptional progress in Literacy

Year 4 Hudaa Muhammad

Exceptional progress in Literacy and Numeracy

Year 5 Mariam Mir

Innovative and creative Literacy writing

Year 6Inayah Shehzad

Persisting in her goals



Each term, children who have shown excellence in all areas of learning are nominated by their class teacher for a special commendation in assembly.

Below are the children who have achieved a special commendation this term:

Year 1

Year 1

Qur’an – Ibrahim Haque Arabic – Ibrahim Haque Numeracy – Eesa Harrington Literacy – Haroon Muhammed Behaviour – Aminah Haseeb

Year 2

Year 2

Qur’an – Nawaz Islam Arabic – Narddine Omrani Numeracy – Abdul Hadi Literacy – Mika’il Zahoor Behaviour – Hana Khurrum

Year 3

Year 3

Qur’an – Zakariyah Palekar Arabic – Maryam Baziz & Basmala Mursi Numeracy – Zainab Rafiq Literacy – Fawwaz Islam Behaviour – Yaqub Nammane

Year 4

Year 4

Qur’an – Nabeel Imran Arabic -Zineerah Rickwood & Hajara Irshad Numeracy – Haaniyah Faisal Literacy – Hamza Naeem Behaviour – Laana Hussain

Year 5

Year 5

Qur’an – Maryam Chowdhry Arabic – Zaid Jazil Numeracy – Aisha Baig Literacy – Mariam Mir Behaviour – Inayah Rahman

Year 6

Year 6

Qur’an – Halimah Ayinde Arabic – Zaynab Islam Numeracy – Zaina Samsudeen Literacy – Inaaya Shehzad Behaviour – Halimah Ayinde

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