Meet our School Council

Year 2


My name is Zoya and I am the school counsellor for Year 2. I want to make our school even better than it is. I have what it takes to make the school better than ever. I want the school to be the best because our mums and dads work so hard for us to be at this school. I want to help everyone in the school and want the school to be the best in the world!

Year 3


My name is Ayla. I would like to be on the school council because I would like all my efforts and hard work to the school to be sadaqah jariyah for me.

I would like to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) and help and guide everyone.

I want to improve absences in the school and set up a homework club.

I will start a charity so everyone is able to sponsor one deserving child’s education at Oakwood Primary so we all gain reward. I will also help people who have worries or problems Insha’Allah.

Year 4


My name is Aasiya, and I am 8 years old. I enjoy eating steak and my favourite colour is blue. My favourite subjects are Quran and Art and in my spare time, I enjoy playing games.

I will be a good student councillor because I want to improve Oakwood Primary school. We should get new football nets and improve the school climbing frame.

I want more children to come to our school and be taught the Islamic way. I want everyone to follow the Prophet Muhammed (Saw) teachings and I want every student to enjoy the experience.

Year 5


I am currently studying in Year 5. I am 9 years old and the youngest in my class. I am from Palestine, and I speak Arabic at home.

I enjoy drawing and running my own Art selling business. One day, I dream of becoming a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) Insha’Allah.

I really want to be a good school councillor because I always try my best to solve problems and ensure no one at our wonderful school is left feeling hurt.

I will be the voice of my class and will not disappoint you!


Year 6


My name is Jemimah, I am the student council member for Year 6. My hobbies include reading, writing and helping others. My favourite subjects are English, Reading, Qur’an and Arabic. I like foods such as popcorn, pizza and milkshakes.

 I like the school because of the teachers who help us, the school trips we enjoy, the fun activities we get to do and our friends who are willing to show friendship and kindness.

The reason I wanted to be on the school council is because I feel I could change this school to an even better place. I want to help give to charity and raise money for the school to repay them for what they have done for us.

I want all children to have a wonderful time at school and show that we all care for each other.